Fifth Grade Week of September 9, 2019

Here is a look at what we are working on this week:

Math (Bridges)-

  • Unit 1 Module 2

We are continuing Module 2, Factors, Multiples & the Associative Property

Monday Math Homework: “Samantha’s Strategies” Home Connection

Tuesday Math Homework: “How Many Boxes?” Pg. 11 Student Book

Wednesday Math Homework: “Finding Factors” Home Connection

Thursday Math Homework: “Thinking About the Multiple Game” Pg. 14 Student Book

Friday Math Homework: No Homework

ELA (Journeys)-

  • Unit 1 Lesson 2

Student’s are introduced to new vocabulary before we read, “A Royal Mystery”. As we read, we will practice reading with fluency, analyzing the text, and focusing on the following:

  • Theme
  • Elements of Drama
  • Characterization

In Spelling, we are working with words that have the long a and long e sound. We are also revising and finalizing a short narrative that students started at the end of last week. The objective of their narrative is to write a short story that includes the following:

  • A main character
  • A problem the main character faces
  • A conclusion that includes the solution to the problem

The writing traits checklist includes:

  • Telling events clearly, using specific details
  • Organization (story structure)
  • Sentence fluency (complete sentences)
  • Word choice (using strong, active verbs and sensory details)
  • Voice (revealing the mood of the story)
  • Conventions (using correct spelling, grammar, and punctuation)

Monday ELA Homework: “Long a and Long e” Spelling Homework pg. 16; Revise short narrative rough drafts

Tuesday ELA Homework: Spelling Word Sort pg. 17; Revise short narrative rough drafts

Wednesday ELA Homework: Finish rough draft- be ready to start typing your final draft, or have me check your finished rough draft; Grammar pg. 22

(To be continued….)

Science (Mystery Science)-

  • Mystery 1: Web of Life Mystery 1- Why Would a Hawk Move to New York City?


  • Continue to conclude chapter 1, and design a Wonders of Creation CD Cover
  • Begin Chapter 2 with this goal: To learn about how to read, interpret, and revere Sacred Scripture

Social Studies (TCi)-

  • Continue Geography of the U.S. (What can geography teach us about the United States?)

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