Fifth Grade Week of February 3, 2020

What we are working on this week:

Math (Bridges)-

Unit 4 Module 2

In Module 2, students investigate multiplication and division decimals, using the context of money as they find the costs of making homemade items to sell. In the process, they explore the relationship between quarters of dollars, 1/4 and 0.25, 3/4 and 0.75, and think about how those relationships help in solving combinations that involve multiplying or dividing by 25, 75, and other closely related numbers such as 24, 26, 74, and 76.


Monday- Student Book page 121

Tuesday- Student Book page 124

Wednesday- Student Book page 128

Thursday- Student Book page 130

ELA (Journeys)-

The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe

We will read, comprehend, and reflect on the novel as a class.

Science (Mystery Science)-

Mystery: How can you save a town from a hurricane?

In this Mystery, students examine the causes of flooding using the real-world example of Hurricane Katrina. In the activity, Save Beachtown, students propose plans to prevent flooding and save historic buildings in a coastal town–all while staying within budget!


Chapter 4: Great is the Lord

Key Concept: God sent Jesus, his only Son, to redeem us from the effects of Original Sin.

Catholic Social Teaching: Preserving God’s gift of water

Social Studies-

  • American Indian Cultural Regions

Essential Question: How and why did American cultural regions differ?

Important Dates:

● February 3: Open House Free Dress
● February 4: PTG Dine and Donate MOD pizza
● February 9: Family Mass; 5th + 6th Grade
● February 12: Noon dismissal
● February 14: Valentines Day + Noon Dismissal
● February 17: No School President’s Day
● February 18: STAR testing date opens
● February 22: Crab Feed
● February 24: Free Dress Feb Birthdays
● February 26: Ash Wednesday – All School Mass

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