Fifth Grade Week of February 11, 2020

Hi families,

In addition to what we are working on this week, students will also be given a lesson on ‘Understanding the Influence of the Media on our Circle of Grace’. Let me know if you have any questions about that!

Also, AR reading reports will be sent home on Tuesday. If you have any specific questions about your child’s progress in school, please feel free to reach out to let me know.

Finally, remember that we will be dismissed at noon this coming Wednesday and Friday.

Happy Valentine’s!

Ms. Crystal Hewitt

What we are working on this week:

Math (Bridges)-

Unit 4 Module 3

During this model, the teacher formally introduces the standard algorithm (and why it works) after reviewing the area model and partial products. The module ends with a review of all the strategies and methods for multiplication students have investigated throughout Unit 4, with a focus on when best to use each.


Monday- Student Book page 140

Tuesday- Student Book page 143

Wednesday- Student Book page 147

Thursday- Student Book page 148

ELA (Journeys)-

Informative Writing- Students will research and write a report on any topic in our unit that interests them so far. For example, they may research other endangered species, courageous individuals, or maritime disasters.


  • Plan a research report
  • Use print and digital sources to gather information
  • Practice organizational skills related to writing a research report

Science (Mystery Science)-

Mystery: How can you save a town from a hurricane?

In this Mystery, students examine the causes of flooding using the real-world example of Hurricane Katrina. In the activity, Save Beachtown, students propose plans to prevent flooding and save historic buildings in a coastal town–all while staying within budget!


Unit 1 Review-

The Unit 1 Review provides the opportunity to assess the students’ understanding of the faith concepts presented in the unit and to affirm them in their growing knowledge and love of God.

Social Studies-

  • American Indian Cultural Regions

Essential Question: How and why did American cultural regions differ?

Important Dates:
● February 12: Noon dismissal
● February 14: Valentines Day + Noon Dismissal
● February 17: No School President’s Day
● February 18: STAR testing date opens
● February 22: Crab Feed
● February 24: Free Dress Feb Birthdays
● February 26: Ash Wednesday – All School Mass

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