5th Grade Math and Science Weekly Update

5th Grade Math and Science January 7th through January 11th

Students are expected to complete their daily planner and record homework assignments in it. If 5th grade students fail to record their math and science assignments, they have access to the google classroom at home through their “spnalameda.org” email address.  If your student has not recorded the homework, please have them log onto the 5th grade google math and science classroom. Parents will not be able to login using their personal account. 

If you have questions or concerns about your student’s academic progress in math or science, please email me to schedule an appointment at msahlman@csdo.org

Decimal metric conversions
Decimal place value patterns
Writing division story problems

Web of Life – Decomposers & Matter Cycle: Mystery 3 Essential Question: Where do fallen leaves go?

Assessments & Major assignments due
No major assignments due

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